I’m running for office to represent District 9 and ensure government stays within its proper role. As your senator, my focus will be on smart growth, promoting civility through laws and enforcement, protecting civil liberties and God given rights and promoting free economic activity. I believe in free markets, personal accountability and government closest to the people. Government has its role, but it should be limited. ‘We the people’ must be trusted to govern our own lives and make decisions for ourselves in our homes. We must keep decisions at a local level.


I first got involved in politics at the caucus level and have served as a Republican State Delegate. I had a growing concern about federal overreach into the education of my children. Utah is a great place to live, a great place for families, and a great place for business. I am interested in keeping Utah great by minimizing government intrusion into our lives, our families and our businesses.


Utah can and should be an example to the rest of the nation. I am passionate about serving and leading in a way that furthers the ideals that founded our nation and make Utah great.